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Essential Health Management

Essential Health Management – Prevention and Care enlightens participants on common killer diseases on the rise in Nigeria such as cancers, heart disease, stroke etc and the dangers of overlooking the silent killer - high blood pressure which is the highest risk factor for stroke, heart attacks, and other serious ailments.

This course educates participants on ways to prevent some diseases, manage existing health conditions to reduce symptoms and negative effects, and possibly reverse diseases mainly caused by poor lifestyle choices. It  provides information on ways to improve overall health, and also gives you healthy diet options specific to certain health conditions. 

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  • Dynamic Life Extension Strategies

    Dynamic Life Extension Strategies enlightens participants on risk factors, symptoms, care, prevention and interventions for common lifestyle diseases such as liver disease, kidney disease, arthritis & osteoporosis, and common infections and infectious diseases.

    This course will ensure participants are educated on important issues concerning health so that they can make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices. Being aware that the choices we make today will determine what health challenges we face tomorrow. Adopting this simple approach could help you find ways to increase your life, improve your health, and feel great as you age. 

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  • Mind and Body Connection

    Mind and Body Connection enlightens participants on the relationship between your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors and how this can influence your health positively or negatively. Our thoughts and emotions can disrupt the body's ability to fight diseases and heal itself.

    The course also examines how stress alters the body's ability to function effectively, and teaches you how to heal the mind to heal the body. You can gain inner peace and physical wellness after you take this course.

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  • Health and Leisure Basics

    Health & Leisure Basics exposes participants to common lifestyle-related diseases on the rise in Nigeria. These preventable chronic diseases such as high blood pressure which is known as the silent killer and can lead to other fatal health conditions like stroke, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease etc. Identifying the causes of lifestyle diseases is critical, because the elimination of the causes is the obvious and only way to achieve healing and an improvement in health.

    This course will enable participants recognize their unhealthy habits and hopefully begin to reverse them which is crucial in living a healthy and active life. It is never too late to make lifestyle modifications.

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  • Dynamic Lifestyle Strategies

    Social connections are important because not only do they give us pleasure, they also influence our long-term health and increase lifespan. Positive social connections and healthy relationships aids sleep, improves diet, prevent smoking, improves mental and emotional wellbeing, and straightens the immune system as well as physical health.


    The course will also enlighten participants on how to prevent and manage possible age related diseases and provide best tips to aging gracefully – following these approaches will help you achieve a healthy and happy fulfilled life.

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  • Personal Financial Management

    Personal Financial Management educates participants on managing their money effectively and efficiently by planning, controlling and directing their financial resources towards achieving financial freedom.

    The economy is a key factor in financial decisions, and this course will help participants understand how to manage their finances by reducing uncertainty. You will learn strategies and how to minimize financial stress and finance related pressure that can contribute to health issues, absenteeism and ultimately reduce workplace productivity.

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  • Health and Leisure for Retirees

    Retirement is a major life transition in the second half of life, and it can be associated with deterioration in health and changes in leisure and level of activity. 

    Health & Leisure for Retirees examines common health challenges faced by retirees such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and arthritis. It proffers solutions on how  to prevent and manage these conditions to avoid risk of complications, and possibly reverse these conditions through lifestyle changes. Also, it explores the benefits of leisure activities and its influence on longevity

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    Retirement Lifestyle Strategies for Seniors

    Retirement Lifestyle Strategies will help guide retirees on how to create their unique own retirement experience to suit their individual lifestyle requirement. Our retirement seminar is particular about building confidence and self – reliance in retirement. 

    Completing this course will help you set goals for yourself, it will also present a multitude of activities for you to focus on, be involved in, and feel passionate about. It will answer the question most frequently asked by retirees ''WHAT DO I DO NEXT?''. 

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  • Category: Pre-Retirement

    Financial Management Fundamentals & Alternative Career Options After Retirement

    Even the best and most stable career will end some day. In order not to be caught unprepared, it is best to start retirement planning early. To make suitable choices, we need to predict as well as we can our future economic circumstances. Establishing post-retirement key essentials in respect to income, savings, investment, expenditure and other retirement necessities. 

    Financial planning for retirement enlightens participants on how to manage cash flow, developing proven financial planning skills, and creating alternative sources of income for optimum living post-retirement.

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  • Category: Pre-Retirement